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Services that we provide

Comprehensive engineering and mediatory services in the capital construction in the area of electrical measurement and control devices and motor installations. 


Authorized design solutions for obtaining a building permit, realization and projects of the actual layout construction:


1. working-out the project documentation of BMS

2. working-out the project documentation of ASRTP

3. working-out the project documentation of ELECTRO


Mounting works in coordination with putting production into action, including inspections and electric devices testing.


Working -out of operating instructions and operator training

Providing software solutions of control systems, central dispatching and remote monitoring for:


1. Boiler-rooms

2. Air-technical devices

3. Heat interchange stations

4. Family houses

5. Production lines and specific machines and devices in various industrial areas

6. Etc.


24 hour customer emergency service, guaranteed and after-sales service.


Technical support and consulting.

24/7 emergency service HOT LINE 0903 507 304